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Fully Programmable and Haigh Fidelity.


The Advanced® ECG-1212ST is a PC-based diagnostic tool intended to acquire, process and store ECG signals from adult and pediatric patients undergoing stress exercise test or resting test. The Advanced® ECG-1212ST is powerful software that is used in conjunction with the portable and lightweight control box. The cardiogram recorded by PC ECG can help clinicians to analyze and diagnose heart disease. Through the software interface the operator can control the treadmill, bicycle and the exercise blood pressure device.


The Advanced® ECG-1212ST is intended to be used only in hospitals and healthcare facilities by doctors and trained healthcare professionals.

Key Features

• Powerful functions, friendly interfaces and easy operation.
• Stress-Test function.
• Compact and portable design.
• Standard arrhythmia detection.
• 3,6 & 12 leads real-time waveforms and ST segment.
• ECG waves can be frozen and reviewed.
• Supports auto measurement and diagnosis.
• Full disclosure waveform analysis and ST Average Complexes analysis.
• ST average complexes analysis.
• Trend graphs display.
• Automatic baseline corrections.
• Controls treadmill, bicycle and exercise blood pressure devices.
• USB and wireless connection.
• Reports can be printed in PDF, Word, JPG or BMP format.
• Supports multi-language.
• High performance filters.
• Real-time analysis, real-time displaying and printing 12-lead simultaneous.
• ECG Waveforms.
• Supporting many kinds of treadmills and ergometers.
• Automatic control and adjustment of the speed and elevation of the treadmill.
• Providing specific statistic data of each lead in each stage.
• Convenient operation of system setup and file management.
• Transmitting ECG Data in SCP/XML/PDF/DOC/JPG format.
• Two years warranty.

Stress Test Machine


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