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he Advanced® HT-1000 Cardiology Holter Monitor is a lightweight and compact digital device that records the rhythm of the heart continuously. The Holter system is intended to record, analyze, display, edit and generate report of ambulatory ECG. The Advanced® HT-1000 is mainly used for (but not limited to) the following indications:

• Evaluation of symptoms suggesting arrhythmia or myocardial ischemia.
• Evaluation of patients for ST segment changes.
• Evaluation of drug response in patients taking anti-arrhythmic medications.
• Evaluation of patients with pacemakers.


The Advanced® HT-1000 is intended to be used only in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities by doctors and trained healthcare professionals under the direction of doctors.

Key Features

• Compact size and light weight.
• 12 Leads (10 electrodes) recorder.
• Full disclosure 24/48/96 recording time.
• Fully programmable and high fidelity.
• Unique multi-channel pacemaker detect circuit.
• Automatic and Manual Editing patient data.
• QRS template classification.
• Arrhythmia analysis.
• Heart Rate Turbulence (HRT) analysis.
• Removable SD flash card.
• Flexible communication modes.
• Real-time Clock, real-time display of year, month and date.”
• Leads-off warning.
• USB interface eliminates flash card reader, lightning fast data transfer.
• Power supply management.
• Multi-languages menu, easy and friendly to operate.
• Low power consumption.
• Single AAA alkaline battery for 96-hour recording of full disclosure, no data compression.
• Two years warranty.

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