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Single/Three-channel ECG

ECG-3 Plus

The Advanced® ECG-3 Plus is a 3-Channel Electrocardiograph used to record the electrical activity of the heart to diagnose various heart conditions. The Advanced® ECG-3 Plus is a convenient ECG machine that provides an excellent performance and accuracy information. The compact and lightweight design of the Advanced® ECG-3 Plus makes it easy to transport.


The Advanced® ECG-3 Plus is used by clinicians mainly in ECG Outpatient Department, PE Department, and Emergency departments of Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers and other healthcare facilities.

Key Features
  • Light weight and compact size LCD Screen.
  • Automatic ECG measurement and interpretation functions.
  • Large internal memory.
  • Automatic baseline adjustment.
  • Compatible with external printer for 12 Leads simultaneous printing.
  • 3-channel waves are displayed and recorded simultaneously.
  • Standard input/output interface and RS232 communication interface.
  • Three printing formats selectable: auto, manual and rhythm.
  • Integrated high-resolution thermal printer.
  • Convenient operation of system setup and file management.
  • ECG data can be transmitted to a PC.
  • Large capacity built-in rechargeable backup Battery.
  • Two years warranty.
ECG-3 Plus


ECG-3 Plus
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