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About Us and Our Advanced Medical Supplies

Founded in August 1988, Advanced Instrumentations is a premier global manufacturer of high quality medical equipment & advanced medical supplies such as Patient Monitors, Incubators, Hospital Beds, Defibrillators, Surgical Tables, Surgical Lamps, Anesthesia and other related products.

Our focus is to provide superior quality products, outstanding customer service and excellent technical support through a network of authorized distributors in all countries where we are present. Advanced Instrumentations prides itself for being a company that is transparent, respectful and environmental friendly.

To all of you, from all of us at Advanced Instrumentations, Inc. Thank you!

You can find all of our products conveniently located on our products page, check out our operating room advanced medical supplies!

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Carrying a Full Range of Advanced Medical Supplies

No matter what type of medical facility you run, chances are you use a wide variety of advanced medical supplies, patient monitoring instruments, surgical supplies, and more. When you’re looking for high-quality supplies and equipment, our company carries a full stock of everything you need to maintain a cost-effective clinic that serves its patients reliably. Check out our products page to see our full selection of supplies including:

• Anesthesia Machines
• Neonatal Incubators
• Phototherapy Lamps
• Defibrillators
• Electrocardiograph Machines
• Universal Operating Tables and Lamps
• Fetal Monitors
• Ultrasonic Table Top Dopplers
• Hospital Furniture and Beds
• Infusion Pumps

Keep Your Medical Clinic Properly Stocked

As a medical professional or clinic administrator or supplier, it’s important for you to serve your patients as well as possible, but also to run your facility cost-effectively. This helps cut costs not only for you, but for your customers as well, enabling them to access the medical care they need easier and with minimal stress. By choosing us for your advanced medical supplies and hospital furniture, you can fulfill your obligations to your patients as well as your clinic or hospital.

Contact us to discuss your needs or place an order for supplies. We serve clients nationwide.