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Advanced Instrumentations provides medical technologies, advanced medical instruments, and services to meet the demand for increased access, enhance quality and more affordable healthcare around the world.

Advanced Instrumentations provides leading medical technologies for patient care, such as operating room tables, operating room lights, electrosurgical equipment, patient monitors, incubators, hospital furniture, surgical tables, infusion pumps, ultrasound equipment, cardiology equipment, anesthesia and radiology equipment, and other related products that enable clinicians to deliver quality, affordable care to patients.

Quality Statement

Advanced Instrumentations is globally recognized for its premium quality products. We persistently strive to set the highest quality standards, reliability, and patient safety in all our products through effective and rigorous compliant processes.

Using Our Advanced Medical Instruments

Because we dedicate so much of our process to delivering optimal quality on every product we sell, you can count on our inventory to work safely and accurately when it matters most. From life-threatening situations to simple comfort during treatment, our advanced medical instruments are the right choice for medical professionals who value the best results for their patients.

Combining versatile solutions with high-performance technology, we work to ensure that you’re always prepared to offer exceptional treatment. We understand that our products have to stand up to the pressures of a critically important field with a wide range of needs. That’s why we design everything we sell to supportive reactive, complex, and in-the-moment procedures while remaining intuitive for the professionals who implement them.

Quality for Today, Innovation for Tomorrow

From monitors to neonatology instruments, no level of advancement in our technology will ever be enough to permanently serve the needs of medical professionals everywhere. We work along the leading edge of today’s science, continuously innovating to ensure that our customers stay ready to solve the challenges of the future.

When you shop with us, you gain more than the best in medical technology. You establish a relationship with a supplier that’s always looking into the best solutions to suit your needs.

Contact us today to experience our quality and customer support firsthand. We proudly serve medical organizations nationwide.