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The Advanced® ABPM-1000 Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is an instrument for monitoring human’s blood pressure continuously during certain period with certain interval that is based on actual situation.

Key Features

• Compact size and lightweight.
• Full disclosure 24 hours recording time.
• LCD display systolic, diastolic, and heart rate in same screen.
• Time display while working
• Provide maximum inflation setting for better safety
• Dynamic inflate to 38mmHg above the previous systolic measurement reduces measurement time.
• BP limits alarm, sound and indication alarm for high readings.
• Motion tolerance technology, good measurement consistency.
• Automatic repeat measurement in 2 minutes upon failure measurement.
• PDF format report
• USB data cable
• Low power consumption
• Two AA battery
• Meet ISO 13485 Quality Standard
• Two year warranty

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor


Cardiology Monitor ABPM-1000
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