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Accurate Readings And Optimized Performance

PM-2000A PRO

The PM-2000A PRO patient monitor meets the most basic monitoring needs, bringing easy access to high-quality healthcare for everyone.


• High Resolution Color TFT LCD Display.
• Pacemaker detection.
• Defibrillation protection.
• Nurse Call function.
• Event marker.
• Extended Full-disclosure trend information.
• Comprehensive alarm system.
• Bidirectional communication with Monitoring
• Central Station (CMS-2000).
• Data Management by Patient Care Viewer PC Software.
• OxyCRG, assessment of respiration and circulation for neonates.
• ECG & Heart Rate (HR).
• ECG Waveform
• Arrhythmia analysis.
• ST-segment analysis.
• Respiration Rate (RR).
• Respiration Waveform.
• SpO2 & Pulse Rate (PR).
• SpO2 plethysmographic waveform.
• SpO2 pulse tone modulation.
• NIBP: SYS, DIA, MAP and Pulse Rate.
• Two Temperature Channel.
• Temperature Difference between two channels (TD).
• Two IBP Channels (opcional )
• Dual-IBP waveforms.
• CO2 waveform.
• Sidestream End Tidal CO2 (EtCO2).
• Fraction of inspired carbon dioxide (FiCO2).
• Air Way Respiration Rate (AwRR).
• Thermal Recorder ( optional )
• Bed-to-Bed viewing display.
• Drug calculation and titration table.
• USB Port, VGA output and RJ-45.
• Built in rechargeable battery.
• Meets IEC 60601-1+A2+A2 & IEC 60601-2+A1
• Safety Standards.
• Meets FDA 510(k) requirements.
• Two years warranty

Patient Monitor PM-2000A Pro


Patient Monitor PM-2000A PRO
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