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Accurate Readings and Optimized Performance

PM – 2000M

The PM-2000M is a full modular monitor intended to be used for monitoring, storing, reviewing, and recording patients data during treatment in the hospital environment. It offers plug-and-play modules and an extensive modular rack that can be used in a wide range of parameters simultaneously, adapting from critical cares to anesthesia monitoring, with additional monitoring capabilities including ICG, RM and BIS.


• Patient Modular Monitor
• High Resolution Color TFT LCD Display
• Numerical and waveform information
• Full touch-screen display, intuitive operation by clicking parameter or waveform
• Modular monitor
• Pacemaker detection
• Nurse Call function
• Defibrillation protection and synchronization
• OxyCRG, assessment of respiration and circulation for neonates
• Extended Full-disclosure trend information
• Comprehensive alarm system
• Multifunctional Rotary Knob
• Multiple Measurements Module ECG, Resp., SpO2, NIBP, & Temp.
• Functional Arterial Oxygen Saturation module (VSpO2) (optional)
• Respironics® Carbon Dioxide mainstream module (CO2) (optional)
• Respironics® Carbon Dioxide sidestream module (CO2) (optional)
• Carbon Dioxide sidestream module (CO2)(optional)
• Anesthetic gas mainstream module (AG)(optional)
• Anesthetic gas sidestream module (AG)(optional)
• Cardiac Output module (CO)(optional)
• Invasive Blood Pressure module (IBP)(optional)
• Omron Non-Invasive Blood Pressure module (NIBP) (optional)
• Bispectral Index module (BIS)(optional)
• Impedance Cardiography (ICG)(optional)
• Respiration mechanics (RM)(optional)
• Thermal Recorder (optional)
• Bidirectional communication with Monitoring Central
• Station (CMS-2000)
• Wi-Fi (optional)
• HL7 communication via XML Files
• Barcode Scanner Support (optional)
• SD Card slot enables memory extension
• Bed-to-Bed viewing display (optional)
• Drug calculation and titration table
• USB & serial Ports, VGA & analog outputs and RJ-45
• Built in rechargeable battery
• Meet IEC 60601-1+A+A2 & IEC 60601-2+A
• Safety Standards

Patient Monitor PM - 2000M


Patient Monitor PM – 2000M
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