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The Advanced® CMS-2000 Patient Central Station is a smart solution for any size hospital or clinic. Both wireless and hardwired monitors can be remotely controlled from the central station furthermore, alarms can be adjusted at a patient’s monitor or the central station, increasing staff efficiency as well as enhancing patient’s safety. Capable to monitor up to 64 patients from a single computer with a simple, easy-to-use interface.


• Complete solution for LAN, wireless or combined networks
• Extended Full-disclosure trend information
• Large storage capacity for numeric information and waveforms
• Comprehensive system help function
• Calculation of drug doses and titration tables
• Bidirectional communication with Advanced® Bedside
• Patient Monitors
• Large storage capacity for historical patient monitoring information
• Capable of monitoring a large number of patients simultaneously
• Multiple display modes
• Display multiple-lead ECG
• ST segment calculation and arrhythmia analysis function
• Comprehensive alarm management system
• Large storage capacity for alarm events
• Audible and visual alarms
• Alarm priority system
• Multiple printing options/Reports
• Laser printer compatible

Patient Monitor PM-2000XL Pro


Patient MonitorPM-2000XL PRO
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