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The Advanced® PT-2000 is a Phototherapy Lamp used in the treatment of hyper-bilirubinemia, to decrease bilirubin levels in infants with severe jaundice. The Advanced® PT-2000 uses LED technology to expose the patient to radiation, focused on the blue visible light spectrum to eliminate bilirubin in the infant’s blood,


The Advanced® PT-2000 LED Phototherapy Lamp is used in Pediatric Hospitals, Birthing Centers, Nursery Units and Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Key Features

• Advance blue spectrum irradiation technology
• Super LED, with a high degree of blue spectrum radiation
• Luminous intensity adjustment
• Radiation intensity according to basic necessities
• Infra-red and Ultra-violet rays attenuator
• Great radiation in the working area
• Low energy consumption
• Built-in timer for treatment time and calendar
• Lamp time counter
• Memory of radiation
• RS232 output for computer or printer
• Manual or automatic measurements to print in report
• Radiometer with optical probe optional


• With suction cups to be used over the Incubator
• With Arm to be used with Infant Warmer
• With mobile base to be use with cradles, incubators etc.
• Two years warranty



Phototherapy LED Lamp
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