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Safe and Reliable

A3186 +

The Advanced® A3186+ is a Neonatal Incubator designed to provide a controlled environment that is a safe and stable for newborn infants, often those who were born prematurely or with an illness that makes them especially vulnerable during the first several days, weeks or months of their lives.


The Advanced® A3186+ is a Neonatal Incubator used in Pediatric Hospitals, Birthing Centers, Nursery Units and Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Key Features 

• Microprocessor controlled system
• LCD screen with Trend graphics display
• Information in English, Spanish, Portuguese
• Double wall made of high optical quality acrylic
• Precise distribution of heat over the whole hood
• Removable parts easy to clean
• Internal Noise Level <50 dB
• Memory foam mattress for newborn comfort
• Five Oval Ports
• One Iris Sleeve
• Easy access panel in front and back
• Diffuser for Pipe Passage, 4 left & 4 Right
• Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg
• Patient skin temperature probe
• Auxiliary temperature input
• Servo controlled active humidity System
• Skin mode and Air control mode
• Air Temperature monitoring
• Patient temperature monitoring
• Comprehensive alarm system
• Air micro-filter
• Castors with brakes
• Monitor shelf
• IV Pole
• Stand assembled w/ 2 drawers and 1 large drawer
• Optional adjustable height trolley
• Optional phototherapy lamp is available
• Optional Pulse Oximeter (SpO2) Kit is available
• Optional integrated infant scale is available
• Optional X-Ray Cassette Tray
• Optional Servo controlled Oxygen
• Two years warranty



Infante Incubator A3186 +
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