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Affordable Portable Digital Imaging

The digital Dragon is ideally suited for portable, clinic, morgue, prison, sport facility and any application requiring portable imaging. The integrated touch screen allows for APR selection on the 17″ touch screen monitor. Multiple APR views can be selected for a patient to increase speed and efficiency. The 14 x 17″ CsI panel, dual focal spot tube and exam specific algorithm image processing produces exceptional image quality as compared to units with single focal spot tube. Images are previewed in seconds on the 17″ monitor and can be transmitted over cellular or WIFI connections. The Dragon is one of the most powerful, full featured portables available.

Key Features

• Powerful 100 mA, 125 kVp
• 4 kW or 8 kW HF Generator
• 14 x 17” CsI Flat Panel
• 17” Touch Screen Monitor
• Generator Integration
• APR and Positioning Guide
• Fine Tuning of Techniques at Touch Screen or Tube
• Fractional Focal Spot Tube for Greater Detail
• LED Collimator
• Activate Collimator Light From 4 Locations
• Exam Specific Algorithm Image Processing

Digital Dragon SPSLW� - LWD Portable 4.0 8.0-1


Digital Dragon SPSLW

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