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Single & Dual Receptor Imaging Solutions

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Choice of Dual or Single Receptor

The NovaT CTM supplied with a 4 way float top elevating table and wall stand enables traditional dual receptor imaging. When supplied with the optional tilting wall stan, the CTM comfortably reaches the wall stand in the vertical and horizontal positions.

The NovaT CTM paired with the optional Flexi-T mobile elevating table and wall stand is a cost effective single receptor imaging solution that accomplishes horizontal, vertical and oblique angles. The mobile elevating table accommodates safe boarding of unstable, stretcher or wheelchair patients. When not use, the elevating table can be stored off to the side.

Key Features

• System For Dual and Single Receptor Applications
• Designed for Complete Flexibility: DR, CR or Analog Solutions
• Manual Auto-tracking and Auhopositioning Options
• Integrated High-Frequency Generator Option


Advantage Plus Single and Dual Receptor Imaging Solution CTM-1


Single and Dual Receptor Imaging Solution

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