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Advanced® SP-200 functions with a range of standard, single use, disposable syringes of various types and accepts sizes of 10ml, 20ml and 50ml and can administer fluids

Advanced SP-200 could be widely used for various departments of hospitals, such as medicine department, department of pediatrics, department of gynecology and obstetrics, oncology, neurology, ICU and CCU.


• Touch Screen LCD Display 4″ TFT.
• VTBI: 0.01-9999 ml.
• Flow rate range: 0.01-1500 ml/h.
• KVO Rate: 0.01-5.00 ml/h adjustable.
• The increment is 0.01 ml/h.
• Manual bolus and automatic bolus.
• Can be integrated into Docking Station.
• Database: Can record no less than 4000 history logs .
• Can add the edit the name of syringe brands on the pump without connect to any external device.
• Screen Brightness is adjustable in 10 levels.
• The alarm volume is adjustable in 10 levels.
• Occlusion alarm: 4 levels adjustable.
• Pressure unit: 4 kinds selectable.
• The alarm information can be displayed in the form of text, sound and image at the same time.
• AC Power Supply: 220-230V / 50 – 60Hz.
• Rechargeable Lithium Battery t least 12 hours at 5 ml/h.
• Battery capacity can be showed in percentage on the screen.
• Charging time : Less than 6 hours.
• Syringe positioning detection.
• Wireless LAN (optional)
• Standby function.
• Drug Library. protection: IP24
• Meets ISO 13485 Quality Standard.
• 2 year warranty.



Infusion Pump SP-200
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