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FM – 9000 Plus D

The Advanced® FM-9000 Plus D Fetal & Maternal Monitor is intended for non-invasive and invasive monitoring of fetus and for monitoring physiological parameters of the pregnant women, during anterpartum examination, labor and delivery. The Advanced® FM-9000 Plus D Fetal & Maternal Monitor provides non-stress testing for pregnant women form the 28th week of gestation. It can externally monitor the FHRs using ultrasound and uterine activity via a TOCO transducer.

Alternatively, it can internally monitor one of the FHRs with DECG and Uterine activity with an IUPC. The unit also allows monitoring maternal: ECG, SpO2, Heart Rate, Non Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) and Temperature.

Key Features

• Twins Function.
• Large numeric and waveform display.
• LCD color foldable display Touch screen.
• Advanced FHR Detection Technology.
• Signal overlap Verification of Differentiate twins FHR.
• FHR signals quality indicator helps optimize the probe position.
• Continuous monitoring of maternal parameters: ECG, NIBP, SpO2, HR, TEMP.
• Waterproof FHR probe.
• Built-in thermal printer.
• Flexible printing options.
• 15mm/sec fast printing speed of history traces.”
• Large, built-up memory for seamless monitoring.
• USB port to enlarge storage capacity.
• RS232 interface.
• Insight software for data management on PC.
• CMS-1000FM network for remote monitoring Central station. CTG analysis capability
• Direct Electrocardiography (DECG) and Intrauterine Pressure (IUP) functions.
• Multiple alarm functions.
• Remote event marker function.
• Fetal stimulator (optional).
• Telemetry systems compatible.
• Convenient to carry and transport
• Lithium-ion battery for outpatient service
• Rolling stand or wall mount (optional).
• Voltage: 100V~240V/50/60 Hz.
• Meets ISO 13485 Quality Standard.
• Meets FDA 510(k) requirements.
• Two years warranty

Fetal and Maternal Monitor


Fetal and Maternal Monitor FM – 9000 Plus D
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