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DUS – 7000
New cutting-edge 4D digital imaging technology

The Advanced® DUS-7000 provides images of execptional resolution and details, adding wide range of services with shared capabilities such vascular, abdominal, pediatric.fetal, OB and OR and other applications.

Key Features

• 18.5″ High definition LCD color display witharticulated arm
• 8″ Ergonomic second display touch screen
• Four active transducer ports Digital front-end technology Multi-beam forming technology Compound imaging
• Fully Adjustable and rotating control panel µ-scan image processing
• Tissue harmonic imaging
• Phase-inversion harmonic imaging High pulse repetition frequency Panoramic imaging
• 30/40imaging, FreeHand 30 Exam-type icons Elastography Imaging Contrast imaging
• ECG Module µ-scan
• 5-band adjustable frequency inBmode LGC (2-band)
• Tissue characteristicindex
• Modes: THI, PIH,Color, POI,DPDI, PW,Simult, Steer M,Color M,TDl,CW,B
• Dual beams
• Image rotation function Compound imaging Trapezoidal imaging Capacity ofImage and film HPRF Support
• Biopsy enhanced Stress Echo (optional)
• Measurement package: Basic, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Cardiology, Abdomen, Vascular, Urology, Small parts,Pediatrics, Myocardial performance index PW auto trace
• IMTmeasurement
• A widerange oftransducers is available
• DICOM: transmission, worklist, MPPS,(-store, Q/R Power Supply: AC 100~240 Volts 50/60Hz.
• Meets FDA Sl0(k) requirements.
• 2 years warranty.

DUS - 7000


Ultrasound System DUS – 7000
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