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SL Series

Advanced® Halogen surgical light provide shadow-free illumination and true color rendition, feature high intensities up to 120,000 Lux, High optical performance, security, stable and suitable for various clinical requirements in surgeries. Provide 4300K color temperature close to natural light, ensure excellent color rendering index.

Key Features

• Multi-prism/multi-angle reflector produce an excellent shadow less effect.
• Excellent depth focalization.
• Halogen bulb type
• Two bulb system automatically switch on for continuous lighting
• Color temperature close to natural sunlight
• Fills most type of requirements for operations
• Illumination intensity control switches (±)
• LED bar graph illumination intensity indicator
• Illumination On/Off switch
• Auxiliary/Main bulb switch
• Auxiliary bulb on indicator light
• Primary bulb on indicator light
• Illumination On/Off status indicator light
• On/Off main Switch
• Lamp Head handle allows to adjust head position
• One additional handle
• LED digital display for battery level
• Meet ISO 13485 Quality Standard
• Two years warranty

SL Series


Surgical Lights SL Series
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